Keyless Locks

  • Save time on service calls and key management

  • Increase efficiency of turn days

  • Increase property awareness

  • Eliminate risks of lost or duplicated keys

  • Offer unattended showings


You don’t have to put up with the headaches and wasted time that come with key management systems. Automate access control at your property and assign temporary access codes to staff, maintenance, and cleaning crews, so you can remain offsite while knowing exactly who’s coming and going, and how long they’re there.

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Increase the efficiency of your turn days by being able to remotely control access and receive real-time updates on the status of your property.

Gone are the days of lost or duplicated keys floating around and becoming a safety issue or resulting in fraudulent leases or property damage.

PointCentral access control also allows you to offer unattended showings, so potential residents can tour your property at their convenience without you having to be on-site. You can create a unique, temporary access code, and you’ll receive a notification when the resident has left so you’ll know when to follow up on their visit.