Smart Thermostats & HVAC Analytics

  • Set temperature ranges

  • Less wear and tear on HVAC system

  • Create automatic schedules for vacant properties

  • Prevent costly damage

  • Increase lifespan of HVAC unit

  • Improve guest experience

With a smart thermostat, you’re able to control temperature remotely, so your guests always arrive to a comfortable atmosphere year-round. You also have the power to set temperature limits so your HVAC system isn’t over-worked while occupied, preventing wear and tear that can cause costly damage.

With automatic schedules, you can rest assured that when your property 6 vacant, the temperature automatically adjusts accordingly.

Our smart thermostat lowers costs by automating temperature control:

  • Save up to 16% energy in the winter (9%-16%)

  • Save up to 23% energy in the summer (15%-23%)


Source: and if you need to make changes, you con easily adjust from anywhere in the world.

Trained on real data collected from thousands of HVAC units, our system learns which HVAC behaviors to look for so when an issue occurs, it will automatically notify you in real-time so you can take action before a small problem becomes on expensive failure.


This ultimately saves significant maintenance staff time, prevents costly repairs or replacements for owners, increases the life span of your HVAC system, and improves guest experience by preventing interference during their stay.

T3000 Thermostat